TLC485 Series

Port-powered RS-232 to RS-485 Converter

  • Support bidirectional data conversion between 1 RS-232 serial port and 1 RS-485 serial port
  • Unique port-power technology, no need for external power supply
  • Low power consumption, equal to that of normal light-emitting diodes in static operation, can be truly called passive
  • Automatic serial port signal rate detection, support 0~115200bps serial port baud rate
  • Adopt automatic data flow control technology, which can detect and control the direction of data transmission
  • Compact size and easy installation


TLC485 series are pocket RS-232 to RS-485 interface converters with high cost-effectiveness, which can implement bidirectional data conversion between serial port RS-232 and RS-485 and need no external power supply. This series have two types of products and provide a RS-232 and a RS-485 serial port that support optional DB9 and DB25 connection, which can meet the requirement of different scenes.

The RS-232 port of TLC485 series could connect to PC directly and obtain power from PC serial port via TXD, RTS and DTR signal line. RS-485 serial port DB9M is equipped with pluggable terminal blocks which is easy and convenient to use and can be widely used in point-to-point communication, industrial distributed system, POS cash register, bank, insurance, security, canteen food selling system, transportation toll system, industrial distributed control, various PLC, data watt-hour meter, gas meter, etc.

Serial Port  

Standard: EIA RS-232C, RS-485

Serial port quantity: 1 RS-232 serial port, 1 RS-485 serial port

Baud rate: 0~115200bps

RS-232 signal: TXD, RXD, GND

RS-485 signal: 485+, 485-, GND

Interface type: RS-232 serial port, adopts DB9 or DB25, Female;

RS-485 serial port, adopts DB9 (equipped with 3-pin terminal blocks) or DB25M

Transmission distance: RS-232 serial port, 15m;

RS-485 serial port, 1200m

Direction control: RS-485 adopts automatic data flow control technology which can detect and control data transmission direction automatically 

Load capacity: RS-485 supports 32-point polling environment (128-point could be customized)

Interface protection: 15kV electrostatic protection







No external power supply required

Obtain power from TXD, RTS, DTR signals of RS-232 serial port





Static power consumption: ≤10mA

Dynamic power consumption(mean): ≤40mA





Operating temperature: -20~60℃

Storage temperature: -25~85℃

Relative humidity: 5%~95%(no condensation)





Housing: plastic

Dimension (W x H x D): 90mm×33mm×16.5mm(DB9,with terminal blocks)


Weight: 40g






3 years


Available Models RS-232(DB9) RS-232(DB25)  RS-485(DB9) RS-485(DB25) Power Supply
TLC485/9 1  – 1
TLC485/25 1 1