4U 16-Slot Protocol Converter Rack

  • Support 16 slots, allows for centralized management of various device daughter cards
  • Full aluminum alloy housing with great shielding and anti-interference ability
  • Optional built-in dual power supply, low power consumption and great reliability
  • The switching power supply provides overvoltage and overcurrent protection, output ripple and noise of power supply are less than 50mV


RACK4000 is a 16-slot card protocol converter/network bridge/serial fiber MODEM 4U rack. It could be inserted in up to 16 different devices and power them uniformly, thus reducing cables which is convenient for management and maintenance. This product could be used matching with various devices and provides multiple interfaces like 100M copper port, 100M fiber port, serial port and E1, and adopts 4U rack mounting, which can meet the requirements of different scenes.

RACK4000 adopts dual power supply so as to reduce power supply load and extend its service life. When one power supply fails, the other one could work independently, ensuring that converter could operate without interruption. When the power supply needs to be repaired or replaced, you don’t need to dismount this rack from equipment cabinet. All you need to do is to pull out the faulty power supply from the back of the rack and repair it or replace it, making maintenance extremely convenient and quick. The power supply has been fully shielded to prevent the electromagnetic signals it generated from interfering with the normal operation of modules. The switching power supply offers over-voltage and over-current protection. The output ripple and noise of power supply are less than 50mV.




16 daughter card slots and 2 power supply module slots



LED Indicator


Power Supply Indicator





Input voltage: 100~250VAC or -48VDC (terminal block)

Output voltage: 5.7VDC

Optional single power supply or dual power supply 





Full-load: ≤50W





Operating temperature: 0~55℃

Storage temperature: -20~75℃

Relative humidity: 5%~95%(no condensation)





Housing: metal

Installation: 4U rack mounting

Dimension (W x H x D): 482.6mm×174mm×210.5mm

Weight: 4.8kg( equipped with 2 power supply modules)






3 years


Available Models Slot Compatible Card Power Supply
RACK4000 16

E232 4U rack card: RS-232 to E1;

E485 4U rack card: RS-485/422 to E1;

SW277 4U rack card: RS-232 or RS-485/422 to fiber;

MODEL7211A 4U rack card: 100M Ethernet copper port to E1

100~250VAC or -48VDC

single power supply or

dual power supply Optional